Green Vegetables – Diabetes and Meat

Green vegetablesGreen Vegetables – Diabetes and Meat

Last Green vegetables nutrition post was a general introduction about diabetes and nutrition. These are a few of the subjects discussed:

  • The common complications of diabetes
  • Nutrition and diabetes
  • Living with diabetes

Here on this post I would like to put the spot light on a subject I have worked on for quite some time. Allow me to share the results of researches done about – The connection and implications meat consumption has on our chances to get diabetes. In general, as I have already explained in the prior diabetes nutrition post, the connection between meat consumption to diabetes is known and proved by many different researches, and the statistics show real scary numbers when it comes to meat. More then that, some show that meat will probably cause diabetes in more patience then sugar consumption will, while their mixture is like prescribing yourself with the disease that will probably manifest somewhere along your life line.

Green Vegetables – Nutrition Numbers

To really understand the statistics and what do I mean when I say Meat Causes Diabetes, you need to see the numbers.
One research done in the USA with 5000 people from different ethnic groups, they found an 18% higher chances for having diabetes in those eating meat. That is just the beginning, as another research, this one done on 8,400 people for a time span of 17 years the researchers have found a 74% (!!!) risk for meat eaters of any kind to get diabetes. There were over 4000 meat eaters in that group, while the rest where vegetarian and the percentage goes to differentiate the carnivores from the vegetarians who were, basically, 74% less prone to get diabetes.

Green vegetables nutrition is an obvious step for keeping this life threatening disease away, and staying healthy and happy. Not convinced yet? here are some more interesting facts and numbers. In the same research, the researchers have found out that woman meat eaters were 80% more at risk the their vegetarian colleagues, while man where only at 60%. This means that it is more dangerous for woman, and many researches have started since then, blooming from this interesting seed of knowledge. Theories were brought up, and I’m still following that wave, but there are a few more years until they will find out more.

Green vegetables – Fish and Diabetes

Another very interesting thing they have found out in that same research is that if anything – avoid processed meat. This is the number one diabetes-connected “food”, or should I say food-like-product, and it is eaten by everyone in America. No wonder 1 out of 3 in the USA is going to be diabetic at one point or another. This means – avoid Burgers, Sausages, processed tuna fish and canned fish and meat. The worst of the processed foods out there is by far the salted fish. While salted fish were found to be the number one greatest seller of diabetes to the masses, fresh fish, and a Mediterranean nutrition style, was found to be the best, as they suspect that something in the fish oil, probably Omega-3 is responsible for keeping us from getting diabetes. That’s right! The statistics show that fresh steamed fish actually lower your chances to get diabetes. So as much as I’m all about vegetables nutrition, I must say that here and there, especially if you were recognized as being in a diabetes risk-factor group, add a fresh fish to your diet every couple of weeks, and help yourself. Don’t forget to stop with the meat while you’re at it, or else your not really doing it right.
And most important, do not forget to add some green vegetables into that plate of yours, to stay healthy and happy.


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  1. mallison says:

    It is never ‘researches’. Research is singular or plural.

  2. Ido says:

    True… Note taken, thank you Mallison.
    When I write, I tend to speed up and so I make many mistakes. I’m quite sure that if you go over the article once more you will find more grammar errors hidden between the lines.
    I am interested in one thing – did the nutritional message go through?
    Are you feeling more knowledgeable now? was I able to touch your mind and stimulate thought and the desire to explore your nutrition and health?
    If so than I am happy as I have reached my goal, and I do not mind some grammar mistakes.
    If I have failed as my horrific grammar has pushed you away from the meaning of the article as whole, than I have failed :(
    Either way, I promise to give more attention to my writings in the future!
    Thanks for taking the time to read the post, and thanks a million for posting a comment
    Be healthy and keep eating and loving

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