Sufficient Iron From Green Vegetables Nutrition

Green vegetables nutrition - sufficient iron

Today on green vegetables nutrition we will discuss a painful subject – Iron intake and iron absorption. Many people are suffering from low iron levels, and this type of anemia, which we have written about in other green vegetables nutrition posts in the past (simply search the search box above..) is something not only curable without medication, but also quickly solved!

Reading this article you will learn:

  • That you can get sufficient iron from vegetables
  • What vegetables have high levels of iron in them
  • How to make sure you absorb the iron you eat
Saying that iron from vegetables is not sufficient is wrong. You can get sufficient amounts of iron from eating nothing but vegetables, but it is simply much nicer to have nuts and seeds, and some freshly cooked quinoa as well.

Green Vegetables Nutrition and Sufficient Iron Levels

We have taken the time here on green vegetables nutrition to make a list of vegetables and vegetarian foods which contain high amounts of iron, so you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of foods and get your iron needs met:

Beans have much iron in them – be it Lima beans, black or pinto beans and the very popular soy beans, and of course, kidney beans. Greens such as spinach, turnip, beet-greens, kale and broccoli. Take note that there is an argument in the nutritional society regarding spinach and iron, as some claim that one of the materials in spinach prohibits the iron from actually being absorbed by our digestive system, thus leaving us in shortage.

Raisins have fair amounts of iron in them, and organic raisins are usually delicious and could be added to the cooking pot while you are making rice, with some cinnamon and black beans to top it (I’m a bit hungry as I’m writing this post, so excuse me for going to recipes all of the sudden :) ). Oh, and just to quickly answer a question someone asked me not too long ago – “No, raisins do not give black stools”.

Seeds and nuts usually have iron in then, and sesame seeds are rich not only in iron, but in many other vital nutritional ingrediants, and Tahini, which is made out of the seeds and it is a main ingredients in the Mediterranean dish the all mighty Humus, is delicious and rich in iron. Great flavor and amazing nutritional value all packed in one dish, an all time green vegetables nutrition favorite!

Green Vegetables Nutrition – Absorb Your Iron

As you know by now, putting the stuff in our body does not mean we absorb it, and it might come out the other end the same as it came in. Absorption is super important and it is not taken into account by many doctors who simply did not get the right nutritional knowledge, as nutrition is not a standard in medical seminars doctors must attend yearly.

Lucky you, you are reading this article, and even though I have written about this in the past, there is such a great interest on the subject that I decided to write again. The main thing we need to keep in mind is that when we eat an entire meal, the digestive system needs to deal with many nutrients at the same time. It is not easy, and if we have a weak system it is even harder, and many times the nutritional value of foods we eat gets lost in the process of digestion, a thing that is very common with Iron.

To maximize iron absorption in the body we need to isolate it. This is not something that should be done regularly by healthy people that do not suffer anemia, but as a technique used for those in need. Eat iron rich vegetables such as the ones in the list above, and make sure you eat some vitamin C with it, preferably one or two minutes before and then right after. Vitamin c is essential for absorbing iron into our system, and it would be wise to make sure it is present and in sufficient amounts to allow the iron to be absorbed. It is also best to take in the iron dosage of the day as the first meal, as the digestive system is clocked by nature to be stronger in the morning, and after the night fast, it is empty and ready to take in as much of the nutrients in the food.

This is enough for today, as using this information should help you adjust your iron levels with in a matter of a couple of months, naturally and while improving your general health and without too much stress involved. Hope you got your answers here, and if not feel more than free to email us here on green vegetables nutrition.


Green Vegetables Nutrition and Green Smoothies

Green Vegetables Green Vegetables Nutrition and Green Smoothies

I have written about smoothies here on green vegetables nutrition before, but it has been a long time since and there are more things to share. There are many benefits to having a green smoothie:

  • Amazing amounts of nutrients delivered in one shot (could be good or bad, depending on many things…)
  • Quick way of getting your body the energy and strength it needs.
  • Fiber, Fiber and Fiber again! Great source for fibers which keep our intestines running smoothly (Especially for all you girls out there who suffer from chronic constipation and can’t go without a pill).
  • Availability. Sometimes we are at work or on the go, and we NEED to get our energy and nutrients but simply lack the time…
  • Price – While we are used to paying a high price for fruit smoothies, Green smoothies are cheaper and healthier
  • Health – I’ve written before about the common mistake many of us have -a Fruit smoothie is usually NOT healthy! Remember.

There are actually more reasons why having a green vegetables smoothie is the right thing to do for your body and mind, but I think we can settle for these now, as we go on learning why fibers are so good.

Green Vegetables Nutrition and Fiber Content

Everything nowadays is working on fiber. Even the Internet is connected with a bunch of fibers, and it may come to you as a surprise to learn that each and every part of our body is connected with fiber. But, this is not exactly the kind of fiber we talk about in the health scene. Fiber has started its “15 minutes of glory” a few years ago, and fiber products began to pop-up like mushrooms after the rain. Suddenly every cereal on the shelve had “Extra Fiber Content” and things were “Fiber rich” and “Fiber Enhanced”. Let us understand something before we go on – Fiber IS important, but it is only too common for us westerners to make the mistake in thinking “Excess” equals “good”. Having fiber in our diet is truly super important. It helps our body in many ways, and I have written here before on green vegetables nutrition posts how fiber helps us (Just search for the word fiber on the search field up there..). But, stuffing our body with so much fiber is not healthy at all, and from being in a constant fiber-lack status, people have started consuming far too much fiber-content in their food, and especially in food that is not suppose to come with so much of it.

Green Vegetables Nutrition – The Smoothie Balance

The trick with fibers, as with everything in life, is timing and balance. It is important to get our fiber need with our food on a daily base, I can’t argue with that, but it is also important to remember that excess fiber can hurt us. That is one of the main reasons why drinking a green smoothie is actually so good. Who ever heard about drinking a glass of freshly smoothed green smoothie after or before a big meal? Anyone who ever tried a smoothie, especially a green vegetables smoothie knows that it is one of the most stomach-filling things existing on the face of the earth. It is my recommendation here on vegetables nutrition to have a green smoothie a day about two hours before your main meal, until you feel the effect and get to where you feel best with your intestines.

Wait now, this is not a recipe for everyone, but it is a beginning. This is right for the majority of us common folk, who work throuought the day and don’t make it to lunch until later on in the afternoon. The reason is that it gives our body immediate energy, from the good kind (and i’m not going to go into specific here as it is interesting yet complicated). The other reason is that it keeps the system moving, and by the time you are ready for your meal, your intestine will be clear and clean, and open for the food that is about to enter. You will be strong, full of power and energy, and all that from adding a green smoothie to your diet 3-5 times weekly. I have a lot more to say about this, as usual, but it is getting late and the post is already a bit too long, so enjoy your green smoothie! This is it for now here on green vegetables nutrition.


Green Vegetables Nutrition – On Roasted Vegetables

green vegetables nutritionGreen Vegetables Nutrition – On Roasted Vegetables

Today on green vegetables nutrition we will talk about roasting vegetables – Pros, Cons and recipes. Some vegetables are perfect for roasting and it seems that god made them for that purpose only (It makes one wonder how come the toaster oven was invented so late in the human history… :) ). Some other vegetables are not too good roasted, and I do not only mean taste wise. Yes, there are dangers in the world of roasted food, in meats especially, but in vegetables too. Some materials turn carcinogenic once roasted, and we should be aware of these things when we choose what to put on our dinner plate. Slightly roasted Asparagus is a delicacy in flavour and in health levels, while roasting a potato, as popular as it is, is not exactly a treat for our body when it comes to health and balance.

Here is a list of the most common roasted vegetables you will find on our plate:

  • Sweet potatoes
  • carrots
  • onion
  • garlic
  • squash
  • yam
  • zucchini
  • tomato

Sure there are many more, but these are our favorite and I wanted to share (and we would love it if you would share your recipes and idea for roasted vegetables here on the comments area below).

Vegetables Nutrition – The pros and cons of roasted vegetables

While roasted vegetables offer a treat for the taste glands, some of them are simply not too good for us while others are great. As all the readers of Green Vegetables Nutrition know already, food is more than just an amazing fun and a treat for the body and spirit, but it is also a major factor in our health and stamina status, It is important to know how to treat certain vegetables and which ones are good for roasting.

The major pro in roasted vegetables is by far the flavor. It is usually better tasting than fresh vegetables, and it is easier to feed our kids with a roasted carrot than a fresh one for sure. Another amazing thing we can gain by roasting our vegetables is different nutrients. Tomato for example holds a very important nutrient that is available for the body only after it has been heated up. Of course that eating only cooked or roasted tomato is not the best idea, as we lose many other great things the tomato holds with in, but that specific ingredient is a bonus to the great taste of a roasted tomato, and that is definitely a pro.

Green Vegetables Nutrition – The cons of Roasted Vegetables

There are always two sides to everything in life (and usually even more), and it is true for roasted vegetables as well. As much as we try to stay positive here on green vegetables nutrition, it is still a place to share nutritional information and thus we cannot help it but sharing the cons as well as the pros. While we gain great flavor by roasting vegetables, we are also at risk of some issues. depending on the vegetable at hand, and at the status of our body and digestive system.

Many of us have heard before about how it is dangerous to eat the black off parts of fried and roasted things, but people do not seem to always take it so seriously. For one, the most roasted part is for some of us THE most delicious part of the meal, and it is usually for two main and totally different reasons:

  • High sugar value
  • Very bitter taste

Depending on the vegetable at hand, this burned part of the food will be either super-sweet or super bitter. The bitter lovers amongst us (the Heart type in Chinese medicine…) will have a hard time holding back from eating this part of the meal, and this is by far one of the most dangerous habits for you heart-types. Eating the burned end here and there is one thing, but having it as a habit throughout ones life time could is not so great, as it is just another one of the little things that can add up to encourage disease such as cancer.

The high sugar content of roasted vegetables such as sweet potato and yam makes them taste super great, and are really a treat. We all know very well that treats for the mouth are sometimes not such a treat for the body and our digestive system, and over eating this type of veggies after they have been roasted for a while will not do too well for our blood sugar levels, and over time can lead to different problems, the most common of them all being diabetes (which I have written about before on this page, mostly in connection with meat, and especially roasted beef). Diabetes is now so common, that statistics talk about 1 in 10 and for the new generation who are now kids or babies – they talk about 1 in 3.

So be aware and take care. Eat and enjoy roasted vegetables and allow yourselves the taste and fun of roasting and eating. But do it with the know how and awareness. As always, I set out to write post with the the thought in hand to give everything, and I end up over writing and making things too long for easy-reading…. So I have promised you roasted vegetables recipes, and I will deliver! It will simply be on the next article here, and I hope you enjoy and benefit this information about roasted vegetables here on green vegetables nutrition.


Green Vegetables Osteoporosis Special

green vegetables osteoporosisGreen Vegetables Osteoporosis Special

This green vegetables nutrition post is all about Osteoporosis and how to cure it. The major issue with this disease is that the modern medicine has nothing to do about it, a fact that leaves many of us in the air, not sure what to do with it, and in the end people tend to neglect or forget about it. THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT WAY! There are many ways to deal and ultimately cure osteoporosis, all depending on the type of person you are, and the stage of the disease. That is why it is super important to get on top of it BEFORE it becomes a major situation. Yes, you can also treat it very good after it has rooted down in the system, but it will be longer and harder, and a much more demanding treatment. On the other hand, it is super rewarding and in the process, you simply have no choice but getting your body to a good and healthier state of being. What it means is that as a SIDE EFFECT of dealing with osteoporosis the holistic way, using nutrition, herbal medicine, exercise and acupuncture, you will be healthier and feel much better in every single aspect, be it body, spirit, and chronic illnesses that will simply disappear.

Green Vegetables And Responsibility

Now that you know that you can successfully treat your osteoporosis, there is no excuses but get on it. It is simply your responsibility as an adult who is fully in charge of his or her own health, and if you do not treat yourself, you are putting your life at risk. They say that “the old man has fallen down and broke his hip bone”. That is wrong. In most cases, the old man, or actually the old woman has broken her hip bone, thus she fell down. That is right! In series cases of osteoporosis the bones are so fragile they can crack without any prior singes, except for the “regular” signs that most of us get used to and choose to ignore. Be it the lower back pain, the knee pain, and the over-all feeling of pain in the bones. Trust me, you do not want to experience it.
The statistics show that there are at least 3 out of 10 people over 60 who has osteoporosis. The vast majority of these people are woman and so woman should get tested starting menopause, and keep on getting tested regularly. The thing is that if you eat right and live right, less stress more bone related exercise, and good sleep at night, there is absolutely no reason at all for you to be diagnosed with this disease. With the right type of green vegetables nutrition you can easily go about your entire life and live long to become old and wise, and have absolutely no osteoporosis!

Green Vegetables Nutrition And Osteoporosis

Modern medicine offers nothing to those of us who have osteoporosis, and there are many of us out there. You are not alone, as the statistics talk about over ten million people who have this disease in the USA only, and those are only the diagnosed reported cases, which are not even 10 percents of the actual number. The risks of osteoporosis are numerous, but it all comes down to having weak and fragile bones.
There Are Ways to Cure This Illness! First of all, you are invited to read another post I have written here before about osteoporosis and the nutrition way of supporting your body when you are at early or advanced stages of the disease. Second of all, I advice you to take on a program for following and maintaining your osteoporosis. Give this program here a shot, or if you now of another one that suits your needs, go for it – but do not neglect!

Try This Program For Your Osteoporosis:

Green Vegetables Osteoporosis Book


Much success and health to you all, with love from me her on green vegetables nutrition.


Green Vegetables For Diabetics

Green Vegetables For Diabetics

Today on green vegetables I proudly present this great FREE GUIDE (Click The Picture On The Left to get the guide!) for all my diabetic or diabetic-risk readers, or for anyone at all that has a diabetic family member, or know any person with diabetics. It is a great free tool to have and use as a leverage to promote good health and living side to side with diabetes, without having all the side effects this disease is known for.

  • Get free knowledge on dealing with diabetes
  • Get free tools such as food-journal
  • Get free recipes for low/no-sugar dishes
  • Learn what are the best vegetables for diabetes

I found this tool and I hope you find it useful for dealing with this disease that has rooted so deep into the modern culture that no less then 1 out of 3 babies born in the USA after 2010 will be diabetics at some point in their lives. Learn how to prevent, deal, and lower the risk of diabetes simply and for free. It is a public service and it is a highly recommended program to try.

Green Vegetables Nutrition – Diabetes Diet

This diet recommendation and guide is a true life changer. There are no big secrets in the diabetic world of nutrition, but there are a few, and the most common ones as well as the most known facts are all listed in this guide, and delivered to you free of charge. That is why I liked it so much that I brought it here to Green vegetables. You know how I always look for great products for free, things that I use and benefit from. There are a lot of options out there for gifts and ideas on how to fix many illness, not only diabetes, but being such a common disease, I have decided to go on a personal guide -hunt. I could write the whole thing myself, and include recipes for diabetes with low carb food in it and low sugar foods. But why create something from scratch when a great product is already available and some one made it free of charge. Click this link to get your free guide – Give Me My Free 21-Day Guide For Diabetes!

Green Vegetables For Diabetes

I made a couple of posts about the real important things when it comes to nutrition for diabetics here on green vegetables nutrition. I have introduced the researched and well proven connection between diabetes and meat, and there for the biggest recommendation I can give you is to lower your meat consumption to as little as possible, for avoiding and living with diabetes. Sometimes, when people come to me with the first signs and symptoms of diabetics all I do is give them a swift change of diet, and they see the symptoms disappear rapidly. People who were sure that this is it, and they are sick for life have cured themselves completely, clearing out the symptoms of the disease with in less then a weeks time. I know this first hand, so I can say it here out loud – Diabetes and nutrition goes hand in hand.
Truth be told, all green vegetables are great for diabetes, as well as almost all vegetables. The only real “danger” posing vegetables that can worsten your sickness is high carb veggies,  and I will add a carb food list to green vegetables posts later on for your benefit.


Green Vegetables – Diabetes and Meat

Green vegetablesGreen Vegetables – Diabetes and Meat

Last Green vegetables nutrition post was a general introduction about diabetes and nutrition. These are a few of the subjects discussed:

  • The common complications of diabetes
  • Nutrition and diabetes
  • Living with diabetes

Here on this post I would like to put the spot light on a subject I have worked on for quite some time. Allow me to share the results of researches done about – The connection and implications meat consumption has on our chances to get diabetes. In general, as I have already explained in the prior diabetes nutrition post, the connection between meat consumption to diabetes is known and proved by many different researches, and the statistics show real scary numbers when it comes to meat. More then that, some show that meat will probably cause diabetes in more patience then sugar consumption will, while their mixture is like prescribing yourself with the disease that will probably manifest somewhere along your life line.

Green Vegetables – Nutrition Numbers

To really understand the statistics and what do I mean when I say Meat Causes Diabetes, you need to see the numbers.
One research done in the USA with 5000 people from different ethnic groups, they found an 18% higher chances for having diabetes in those eating meat. That is just the beginning, as another research, this one done on 8,400 people for a time span of 17 years the researchers have found a 74% (!!!) risk for meat eaters of any kind to get diabetes. There were over 4000 meat eaters in that group, while the rest where vegetarian and the percentage goes to differentiate the carnivores from the vegetarians who were, basically, 74% less prone to get diabetes.

Green vegetables nutrition is an obvious step for keeping this life threatening disease away, and staying healthy and happy. Not convinced yet? here are some more interesting facts and numbers. In the same research, the researchers have found out that woman meat eaters were 80% more at risk the their vegetarian colleagues, while man where only at 60%. This means that it is more dangerous for woman, and many researches have started since then, blooming from this interesting seed of knowledge. Theories were brought up, and I’m still following that wave, but there are a few more years until they will find out more.

Green vegetables – Fish and Diabetes

Another very interesting thing they have found out in that same research is that if anything – avoid processed meat. This is the number one diabetes-connected “food”, or should I say food-like-product, and it is eaten by everyone in America. No wonder 1 out of 3 in the USA is going to be diabetic at one point or another. This means – avoid Burgers, Sausages, processed tuna fish and canned fish and meat. The worst of the processed foods out there is by far the salted fish. While salted fish were found to be the number one greatest seller of diabetes to the masses, fresh fish, and a Mediterranean nutrition style, was found to be the best, as they suspect that something in the fish oil, probably Omega-3 is responsible for keeping us from getting diabetes. That’s right! The statistics show that fresh steamed fish actually lower your chances to get diabetes. So as much as I’m all about vegetables nutrition, I must say that here and there, especially if you were recognized as being in a diabetes risk-factor group, add a fresh fish to your diet every couple of weeks, and help yourself. Don’t forget to stop with the meat while you’re at it, or else your not really doing it right.
And most important, do not forget to add some green vegetables into that plate of yours, to stay healthy and happy.


Green Vegetables Diabetes Nutrition

green vegetables for diabetesGreen Vegetables Diabetes Nutrition

Even being who you are – A reader of Green Vegetables Articles – I bet you didn’t know that Diabetes is considered a plague, with mind blowing statistics – ONE OUT OF THREE (!) Americans born after 2010 will have diabetes. These outrageous and unfortunate statistics are scary, because being as common as the flue, does not make it as easy of a disease as the flue. Here are some key facts you should know before allowing yourself and your loved ones to indulge in over eating and excessive meat and sugar consumption – Diabetes can lead to these common complications (and these are only a few!):

  • Blindness
  • Different neuropathic symptoms
  • High Blood pressure
  • Heart diseases
  • Sexual Dysfunctions
  • Death

I am pretty sure anyone reading this post, as so anyone reading my articles regularly here or receiving g the summaries in the newsletter are aware people with a truthful desire to be healthy, happy, and live a long care-free life. Diabetes is not an easy disease, and I’m sure that you know at least one person who has it, and probably more like a dozen. But there are a couple of important things you should know that can make your life much easier (the first, of course, is eating more green vegetables).

Green vegetables – Avoiding Diabetes

While it is considered a very common disease, simply by reading these lines or signing up to my newsletter you are on a good path for health and disease-avoiding. You see, our body is designed to deal with sugar in a very specific way. This mechanism has been studied and learned by literally thousands and thousands of researchers throughout the western society. After doing quite a lot of research studying on the subject – there is one series factor that is known and is considered a solid fact in the ever changing medical society. Meat consumption, especially PROCESSED MEAT encourages diabetes in an obvious statistically proved way. The best diet is usually a simple grain and vegetables nutrition based diet,with plenty of greens.  but there is no reason to go extreme if you are not so keen on vegetables.

As I said before, I’m not trying to push anyone towards vegetarianism. I truelove believe, and science is backing me up on that one, that the human body can take a lot of foods, diseases, and shocks, and still carry our soul for years and years, as many meat-eaters, smokers, and even drug abusing people sometimes live to be a hundred and five. Yes, there are genetics involved and a million more factors that can never be processed. But that is the thing with statistics – if read right, you can truly benefit. So when I say – LOWER YOUR MEAT CONSUMPTION (I’m giving away a free book with tips on how to do just that for all my subscribers. Take it.), I truly mean you should lower it, and only completely avoid it if you are capable, and know how to eat right without it. Even here on Green Vegetables I say this out loud – Health is not only about food, and a healthy mind is the source of a healthy body. If you LOVE meat, or have a weekend tradition of BBQ with your family, you shouldn’t avoid this happiness and feel bad about it. Just BE AWARE and be responsible, and you can lower your risk for diabetes tremendously.

Green Vegetables – Living With Diabetes

The good news are that living with diabetes is possible, and sometimes even easy. As much as diabetes is dangerous, it is also a slow paste animal, and almost always takes time to evolve and conquer our body. This gives us planty of time to rearrange our standarts of living and become healthy. Many people live a full happy and satisfying life while having diabetes, and the first and most important thing you should remember if the doctor tells you that you are “sick”, is that IT IS NOT SUCH A BIG DEAL! Take it easy, as stress is one of the strongest diabetes katalizators, with a direct connection to the illness. Diabetes is all about sugar and its interaction with the Fight-Or-Flight system of the body. REMEMBER – Living with diabetes nowadays is possible and achievable without so much hard work. I have seen it with family members, friends, and people all around me that asked for my help with dealing with diabetes.

My first recommendation, before reading the next posts and joining a program, is to lower meat and dairy consumption, and put more effort into new vegetarian recipes. Do this to find the things you can really enjoy in the vegetables nutrition world, so you can use that knowledge to help yourself move to a new and improved diet but still making sure you enjoy every bite! The second recommendation and with this I will finish this article, is to add as many green vegetables to your diet as possible.


Green Vegetables Weight Loss Special

Green Vegetables Diet Special - Lose Weight Now!Green Vegetables Weight Loss Special

A Green Vegetables Nutrition Special – losing weight the healthy way, with the help of some professionals, because I had enough of seeing people do the wrong diet and damage their body! You guys already know me, as many of you receive my emails every week, and even respond with questions. When ever the summer is “threatening” to return – it is “Weight Losing Fever”. Here is some serious weight losing experts, who run a great program with great results. There are hundreds (If not more) weight losing programs online, in books, dvd’s and even phone counseling, but these guys are serious people, and they produce the results. I have gone through their program to see what they offer, and I recommend it for those who:

  • Need to lose weight now
  • Really need to get lighter – not because you “think you are fat”!
  • Those who care about health and want to LOSE WEIGHT RESPONSIBLY!

Please, If you are obsessed with weight losing, don’t do this, as you might lose too much. Only if you REALLY NEED to lose weight can I recommend this program for you. After all, most of us Americans are really obese, and have to lose weight for health reasons, but many people, especially young girls, just want to look like a barbie and end up hurting bodily functions that later on in life is very hard to recover, if possible at all. So BE RESPONSIBLE, and make sure you really need to lose weight before starting this great program:


green vegetables diet - lose weight and stay healthy

Green Vegetables – Lose Weight Fast

When moving from a high calorie meat-heavy diet to a vegetarian diet, the first thing you will notice is a massive weight loss. There are two main reasons for that. The first one is due to the fact that vegetables simply carry less calories then meat, and lowering the meat quantities that go in our body will make us lose weight immediately. The second reason is the fiber content of vegetables. While meat gets stuck in our bowels for hours and hours, causing constipation and rotting of the rest of the food and the system, fruits and vegetables, with their high-fiber portions would move the system, induce good digestion and healthy absorption of nutritional matter, a fact that leads us directly to the next main reason why a healthy diet of green vegetables is so good for us…

Green Vegetables And Stamina Nutrition

A healthy diet will give us not only a flat belly, but also a strong wave of stamina, that will take us to a place of joy and strength in every aspect of our life. The main reason for that is the energy saving process that starts as the body gets rid of most of the meat and dairy residue in our digestive system, making way for fresh food to enter. Our stomach and intestines take a great deal of fuel in order to work, and their energy demands go hand in hand with the amount of demands we put on them, by shoveling un-necessary amounts of food down our throat. Reducing the amount of food will  immediately  lower the demand for energy in the intestines to its lowest, while the potency of fresh vegetables will give us more energy then we are used to, as our body is built to produce more energy from less matter. Good health and a healthy diet of green vegetables go hand in hand!


Green Vegetables Book Review

Green Vegetables Book Review

Green Vegetables Nutrition Recommends
For What This Book Goes For
You Owe It To Yourself!
Click The Cover

Green Vegetables Nutrition - Michael Pullens Best Seller Book

If you didn’t watch the video in the last article – First thing first – watch it here! It is a short interview with one of the leading voices of nutrition and health in the world, Michael pollen. When not giving classes in Berkley, or writing his articles in the NY Times Magazine, he is a busy most-wanted lecturer, and a prize winning top-selling author, with a few best-sellers already out there, and for a good reason (Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual) .

Green Vegetables Reading for Health

In his is latest book, “Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual”, he offers a digested guide for eating right and staying healthy, a thing that is not to be taken for granted. We are more then used to eating our own way, each according to what he was introduced to As a child and throughout his life. The spectrum of food we know is not exactly what is healthy or right for us, and sometimes it is not even food. Genetically engineered vegetables, fruits, and all kinds of food-like substances that are labeled nicely and sold as food. Don’t be fooled, and don’t give your health to greedy industrial pigs. Save your cash, eat right, stay healthy – Michael Pollen shows you how.
I have a book here on green vegetables nutrition page before, but never have I recommended this kind of simple, easy to read, straight forward – “One Hour Book” that is so easy yet so beneficial. If I recommend it, It is because it is simply worth it.

Green Vegetables on Food Rules

All I do here is give easy to read articles around food and health, with plenty of rules around to follow. I try to keep it as simple as possible, but you know as well as I do that sometimes it is not so simple to follow rules and restrictions when it comes to what we eat. This great short book is the answer to that question in many ways. I don’t know if you are a vegetarian, a carnivore, a vegan, or a full on raw-foodist, this book is one of the treasures for humans, or at least us modern western ones, who have lost any connection whats or ever with the earth and its treasures, knowing not what is food and what is only “almost-food” or worst.

If you are more of a deep reader, or really into understanding food, first of all, there is a must have book that I have recommended here before. In my house it is referred to as “The Bible”, and for many a good reasons. Read it to find out. Here is another book review I’ve written about “Healing With Whole Foods”. If you don’t know this book – Please, Do yourself and your loved ones a favor, and get it. Not expansive, not hard to get, and it simply keeps on giving! It is an addictive collection of amazing information, and I dearly recommend it. Click this link to read it – “Healing With Whole Foods”.  That is all for now here on Green Vegetables.


Green Vegetables And Michael Pollan

Green Vegetables - "In Defence of Food"Green Vegetables And Michael Pollan

Today on Green Vegetables nutrition – “Eat food, not too much, mostly vegetables”, The quote on Michael Pollans book – “In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto”. Listening to this knowledgeable man can inspire anyone to take control over his or her own diet, and life, and as a result be happier and healthier. Pollan, an author, Prof. of science and environmental journalism at UC Berkeley and a writer in the NY Times Magazine, and as described in one of the  videos he is on  – “Probably the most requested author we had over the years…”. Before the lecture – here are the basics:

  • Eat Food – meaning not the edible food-like substances they sell nowadays labeled “food”
  • Not Too Much – 90% or more of westerners  eat far more then they need to for health and energy
  • Mostly Vegetables – If you got to have dairy and meat – o.k, but be wise about it. Don’t kill yourself

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Green Vegetables for Healthier Living

Reading Michaels book really opens a whole new spectrum of thought, and allowes us to understand the food-chain as it is in the modern era. No more plant-animal-carnivore-human, as now we eat what Uncle Sam wants us to eat, not what nature provides. Food is manipulated into its particles, reassembled in order to be more profitable. This process takes away all the nutritional value, and leaves us with toxic products – pseudo-food we were taught to eat as if everything is o.k. . Michael, with his bright clear writing, demonstrates how to easily find the right way in the supermarkets, which is actually finding the way out, and into the farmers markets, where you can still find food, and not food-like substances. Even green vegetables, that look so nice and shiny, are really DNA manipulated and full of pesticides,  while in the farmers market you can still find the real deal, as clean and as fresh and as healthy as it gets.

Green Vegetables or Red Meat

As I have said many times in many different articles, I am NOT trying to make anyone a vegetarian. You eat what you think is best for you, and sometimes it is good to eat meat. Being a Chinese Doctor, I know that it is sometimes even Crucial for some people to eat meat. For example, while experiencing some types of anemia , the best thing you can do is eat meat for a while, to help the weak body recover. Of course, some others will reject this, but my experience has proven that in some cases, the minor damage that meat consumption might (and not always!) cause is nothing in compair with the life-saving effect of healthy blood and blood-circulation. Either way, Michael himself, as far as he says, is not a vegetarian. He has great respect for us veggies, and he has changed his nutrition to as little as possible meat consumption, eaten at home, bought at farmers markets and raised by local farmers in humane conditions. The fact that it is all organic meat, makes it better for us, as all the antibiotics and genetically modified cells do not enter our body. Those animals live a happy and free life, with quite the sad ending, but at least they get to taste real organic green vegetables, and not corn as their food.